The 6 P's of Chamber Membership

Profits:  Investments in the Chamber of Commerce returns a big dividend directly to you. Membership services, community programs, exposure to new markets, and fellow business people.

Publicity:  As a part of the big picture, member volunteers share in the publicity of getting things done in our area.​​​​

Programs:  Quality of life in our community is of primary importance. Whatever the scope of involvement or type of activity, remember "Things don't just happen." As a matter of fact, progress is made through many people working together through an avenue known as, Chamber of Commerce.

Participation:  We realize the limits of your time, especially in the era of uncertain markets and budget controls. But, it is only through volunteer involvement, that the Chamber represents the voice of the business and professional community and conveys its message loud and clear.

Prestige:  As a member of this team of community leaders, you hold the key to making things happen.  Your ideas, input, and actions are translated into results. You ARE the chamber working to make ours a better place to live and work.

Protection:  Your views must be made to known to our elected officials. Through education programs, news releases, and speakers bureau, we express your views and the good things about the free enterprise system.​​​​​​​​